Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tulsa Hardware...

Our PX, as large as it is, seems to stay about half empty of merchandise. It relies on truck/convoy shipments that are brought up from Baghdad. Yes, I know it's only 17 miles, but for some reason the convoys are few and far between.

Enter Tulsa Hardware.

TH is a store owned and ran by locals. They carry a very diverse variety of things: home hardware and tools, office supplies, mattresses, chairs, TVs, electrical equipment, bicycles, and general fix-it stuff.

The place is unique because there are NO prices on ANYTHING. If you want something you have to ask one of the three guys on the floor. And yes, they're open to a bit of haggling. It's a combination of used merchandise, swap meet quality new stuff, and some fairly nice name brand items.

...all jumbled together.

It's an absolute mess inside. Crap piled on top of crap. It's like a scavenger hunt when you're trying to find something. Throw in a bit of a language barrier and things get even more interesting.

Still, we've found it to be a great place to go for those hard-to-get items (if you need a spool of Cat 5 cable, whatever color, see them).

I'm half-tempted to get a bicycle there. New ones are only $160...

This pretty much says it all.

Two of the guys that DO drive in the convoy when there is one. They're both from Massachusetts, both sergeants in the Army. Their rig is made by Oshkosh, in Wisconsin. It's pretty well armored. They say it's like driving a tank...but up high, and with no mounted guns. Keep it movin', guys - that's all we ask...

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