Friday, April 2, 2010

Baghdad, I hardly knew ye...but b'bye...

Just found out we have a helo ride this evening. Yea! Looking forward to trading this hot and dusty place for...well...another hot and dusty place about 17 miles away.

It's been a good stay. Wish I could have seen more, but will take what I can get. At least I can say I was here. So, packing up my duffels yet again. One more hop and I can unpack them! I can also pack-up my body armor. Won't be needing it after today. (Yes Honey - I'll sit on it when we fly in the helicopter) :)

If you're wondering why I haven't posted too many pix lately, it's because photography is highly restricted. Walked by one place yesterday, and a sign said, "Authorized Personnel Only - No Photography - Use Of Deadly Force Authorized."

They ARE serious about this stuff. However, below are some snippets of my stay here. Sorry, it's hard to capture dust accurately.

Signing-off from Baghdad. Will be back with you from Taji, tomorrow. :D

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