Thursday, April 1, 2010

I know Ali Baba is from somewhere around here...

I've been in Baghdad a day and a half. Only seen a small part of Camp Victory, the base that surrounds the airport. I've got to say, it's breathtaking. Literally, it's so dusty you can't breathe. Evidently, the rainy season just passed, and now all the mud is turning into dust. It gets on everything. Lots of dirt roads around the base, too, and that doesn't help any.

I'd like to think of Baghdad the way I did when I was a kid - home of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, flying carpets, and things that opened when one said, "Open Sesame."

Baghdad has an extremely rich history. I'm hoping to learn more about it in the year I'm here. I mean, THIS is the 'cradle of civilization' and where the Garden of Eden was supposed to have been.

Heady stuff.

Too bad all the politics and war had to tarnish that image and culture. It will never be the same again.

Still no word on our Blackhawk reservations to get up to Taji. Enjoying another day of leisure, ensconced in our wonderful tent. (BTW, there really is an Omar the Tent Maker)

Like my new blog heading? Thought I'd spice it up some. Jan and I both love Life is Good merchandise, and it's the attitude we try to carry with us. Speaking of Jan, we did our first Skype call today. Worked...semi-well. The first time she could see me, but I couldn't see her, then the second time things were reversed. For some reason we can't seem to see each other at the same time. Still, it's not bad, and it's FREE. :)

We're still working on adjusting to the difference in time. Iraq is eight hours ahead. I like to talk to her before she goes to bed, but that means I need to call between 5-6a. I can always call her in the middle of her work day, when it's my afternoon/evening, but I hate to bother her. Once I get settled-in at Taji we'll figure something out. But very happy with the Skype plan. :)

Well, it's 9:25a on Friday. I've been up since 4a. Time for a nap.

Don't just have a Good Friday - have a Great Friday! :D

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