Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Around the town...

This is my hood - Pod 27. I'm officially well-paid trailer trash.

Just for my Arkansas kin. They even got the colors right, didn't they?

Our version of an ambulance.

I'm always a little nervous taking pix around this sort of stuff. But, of course, you all can't see what's REALLY behind the fence...

Yes, it's from Burger King. It was my day-off. Didn't feel like going into the DFAC for lunch. :P


  1. Behind the restricted area is a food court to rival any mall in the U.S. Atlas's subsequent photo proves that.

    - AT

  2. And AT would know - he's seen 'em too...but he's too...let's say frugal, to ever buy a meal outside the DFAC... :)

  3. Love your barrio...Do you have to share the pods with anyone or are they all yours? Do people decorate the way they do on the ice?