Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bass Pro Dude...

There's a guy here at Taji - I don't know his name - but he's about 6'4" and every bit of 300 lbs. He's heavily tattoo'd and has those hole things in his ear lobes. Nice guy...really.

Anyway, I see him in the DFAC once or twice a day, everyday. Every single time I've seen him he's been wearing shorts and a Bass Pro Shop t-shirt. All different colors. He must have 20 of 'em.

I asked him about his attire one day, and he said he's got one close to his place down in Texas, and loves it. He's even been to the one in Springfield. Evidently, it's a kind of Mecca for the outdoor crowd.

So, nearly 7000 miles away from home, and I feel right at home.

BTW, our PX also sells BPS gift cards (amongst others). Who would have thought...



  1. Yeah, but do they have Walmart gift cards as well...that and Sharper Image...

  2. I think you need one of these: