Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Was that a dead goat?...

The last two days our group of 22 has been transported from our temporary home in Tent City to the metropolis of Kuwait City. It's about a 45 minute drive through some of the most beautiful...wait, that's not the word...barren environs I've ever seen.

Desert as far as the eye can see...topped with trash. Literally - trash. You'd think SOMEONE would adopt-a-dune, and pick-up the rubbish.

They have roadkill here, too, but not opossums and armadillos. Yesterday we saw two goats by the roadside that had bit it. Can't blame them - there are no fences to contain them. They wander. Could be that they belonged to some of the semi-nomadic Bedouins that still live in tents around the country. I don't know.

Kuwait City was hit hard way back in 1990 by that nasty, old Iraq. It's been rebuilt nicely, but there is still evidence of the damage, and the patch jobs. We weren't able to venture into the heart of the city, even though I would have really liked to. We're kept on a pretty tight rein when we're off-base. Even though we're there to help them, I get the feeling some believe we've overstayed out welcome.

No biggie - I'm sure we'll be outta here sometime in the next decade.

So, we've finished all of our orientations and trainings, and now it's time to wait for a plane. The schedules change on a daily basis, and we're all going to be going to different places. Mine's a relatively easy one to get to, but I have to wait for an open seat.

I've got to admit, I'm looking forward to starting my new job, and getting into a routine. The last week and a half have been...trying. Not surprised some people bail. Lots of BS to go through. However, we all realize that the reward is worth the temporary discomfort (...and frustration...and lack of organization...and...).

Tomorrow we pick-up our passports, and will be signed-out of the country. Yes, we're still officially here, but we won't be allowed to leave the base again. No worries, there's plenty to do here. :)

BTW, the Armed Services have done a wonderful job providing recreational opportunities for our uniformed soldiers. While this place isn't anything to write home about, it does offer a great MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) department and facilities. There's a great weight gym, cardio gym, basketball court, internet access, phones, gaming consoles, movie rental, and a plethora of other things to keep people active during their down time.

My hat is tipped to the ones that take care of the uniformed service folk. :D

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