Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's not's Fly-Day!...

I swear, this has been the longest week. Feels like a month since I left Jan, but it's only been seven days.

All is done, and it's time to fly. Next stop: Kuwait City. Getting kind of excited to see the place. My friend, Kimera, used to live there, and used to tell me all about it. I also remember Robin Leach, on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, doing a segment on Kuwait, and saying how it was (or used to be) the richest country in the world.

Sure hope Iraq didn't destroy all the good in the place.

I'll be there for about a week, until my flight arrangements up to Baghdad, then Taji, are complete. It should be a good time. I needed a vacation, anyway. :)

So, my CRC adventure here at Ft. Benning is at an end. It's been a...different kind of week. I've learned more about the Army than I ever wanted to know.

All good people. They'll go out of their way to be courteous and kind, and help you out. But funny thing about young soldiers that hasn't ever changed - they always drive brand-new cars and motorcycles, and continuously strive to make them hotter, faster, and cooler. They also love guns, knives, and tobacco. Waaaaay too much second-hand smoke around here. When will people wise-up?

Okay, time to get to bed. Tomorrow's the first day we don't have to be up at 4:30a. Nice...

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