Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well...summer's here.

The temps are now routinely in the 100s. Later this week we should be into the mid-110s. And even though that will be scorching hot, it's gonna get hotter. The hottest temperature recorded in the United States is 134*F, at Death Valley. In Libya, which isn't that far away from Iraq, it once got up to 136*F.

Maybe that's why we don't have pavement here - it'd melt.

Thankfully, the humidity is next to nothing, unlike Phoenix, which has so many swimming pools, canals, and irrigated lawns, that it seems more miserable there.

Well, it's Tuesday, and my DAY-OFF! :) I work six 10-hour days, so I really look forward to this one day.

My typical Tuesday starts off by (usually) sleeping-in. I get up a bit before 8a, and meet my friend Allan for breakfast (he works nights, and gets off at 8a). We talk of base happenings, work, and stories of home, and future plans.

After that, I head back to my room and start cleaning. It's amazing how much dust and dirt gets blown in. Of couse, our doors and windows don't seal all that well, so maybe it's not so surprising.

I also drop-off my laundry - there are no facilities to so it ourselves, so we have to leave it at one of numerous 'drop points' on base. Typically, if you have them in by 12n, it'll be ready by 5p the next day. I can then pick it up on the way home from work.

Tuesday is also a great day for catching-up on e-mails, finances, and whatever else. Since it's so hot outside, might as well stay in where it's cool.

I also just lay around and watch TV. Days off are days to r-e-l-a-x...

Oh there was some excitement at Taji recently...

Yes, it was a testosterone rush for all the Army guys. I caught the last 10 minutes or so. They are good dancers, but it was like being at a football game without the football.

Other than the sporadic USO-style acts that come though here, about the only other thing we have to look forward to is Friday Night Karaoke, and no, I really don't look forward to it.

It's 1p right now. Normally I'd be thinking of lunch, but I'm having some gastrointestinal distress today. I'm so happy Jan included some Imodium in the CARE package I received from her last week. She takes such good care of me. :)

That's it for today. Take care, everyone. Stay cool.

It's nap time...

I forgot what this is - it's either dried mud, or my skin.

One of our laundry drop-offs.

Yes, we have a mosque in Taji. We have a number of Muslims on the base. Thankfully, the loudspeakers don't blare out the daily prayers.

No, I don't know why there's an old, red pickup with flames on it here. Somethings will forever be a mystery...

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  1. Flames painted on the side of a vehicle makes it go faster. Except for this truck.